Call for papers, 'Frontiers in Pharmacology'

Professor Tilli Tansey and Dr Apostolos Zarros are organising a Research Topic / eBook in collaboration with “Frontiers in Pharmacology” (IF = 4.418) on “Pharmaceutical innovation after World War II: from rational drug discovery to biopharmaceuticals”.

The Research Topic aims to delineate and conceptualise pharmaceutical innovation within the twentieth century, with an emphasis on the post-World War II era, and to highlight its roots and pathways throughout that period.

We would like to invite those with a research interest in this field to participate in this effort, and contribute an article.

Potential contributors are advised to consider the following proposed themes as a guide: 
(01) conceptualization and definition of pharmaceutical innovation
(02) historical evolution of pharmaceutical innovation models
(03) the establishment of rational drug discovery
(04) serendipitous observation as a driving force for pharmaceutical innovation
(05) synthetic chemistry-driven drug optimization
(06) the role of tissue biochemistry / physiology in drug discovery
(07) the focus on cellular biochemistry / physiology in drug discovery
(08) the contribution of molecular genetics to drug discovery and pharmaceutical innovation
(09) the impact of revolutionary methods and challenges introduced by structural biology and computational modelling
(10) other concepts and pharmaceutical targets
(11) cases of drugs that shaped the pharmaceutical landscape
(12) portraits of scientists whose work has shaped pharmaceutical innovation
(13) the role of industrial research
(14) the relationship of pharmaceutical marketing to pharmaceutical innovation
(15) R&D modelling
(16) intellectual property
(17) how regulatory bodies shape pharmaceutical innovation
(18) 3D-printed drug products
(19) re-purposing of drugs
(20) nanotechnology
(21) bioprospecting

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For further details on the Research Topic and on how to participate in it, please take a look at the information and link below.

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Please note the submission deadline for this Research Topic: March 31, 2017.