Edinburgh University Witness Seminar 'Masterclass'

Around table (clockwise l-r) Prof Tilli Tansey, Dr Catherine Heeney, Dr Farah Huzair and Dr Koichi Mikami. Not pictured Dr Steve Sturdy, Dr Miguel Garcia-SanchoAn image from Prof Tansey's recent visit to Edinburgh University, where she conducted a ‘masterclass’ in Witness Seminar methodology and technique at the invitation of Dr Steve Sturdy.

Dr Sturdy was recently awarded a Wellcome Trust Senior Investigator Award in Medical Humanities for a research project entitled ‘Making Genomic Medicine’, which ‘aims to disentangle the scientific, technological, social and political processes that have led, over the past forty years or so, to the current ferment of activity around medical genomics and so-called genomic medicine’. Dr Sturdy and his team will be collaborating with Prof Tansey and her team in holding Witness Seminars as a key part of the project.