Image of the month: Prof Heather Cubie

Our image of the month shows Professor Heather Cubie at our Wellcome Witness seminar on 'History of Cervical Cancer and the Role of the Human Papillomavirus, 1960-2000'.

Professor Cubie PhD FRCPath (b. 1946) graduated in bacteriology in 1968, later receiving an MSc and PhD, all from University of Edinburgh.  She became a consultant clinical scientist in virology in 1993. Her specialist research interest is human papillomavirus (HPV). She is a member of the Scottish HPV national steering group and epidemiology and surveillance subgroup and also of the UK NCSP HPV special interest group. She became honorary professor of research and research management, University of Edinburgh, in 2006 and visiting professor of virology, University of Glasgow, in 2008.