Image of the Month: Professor Margaret Esiri

Our Image of the Month shows Professor Margaret Esiri at our Wellcome Witness Seminar 'The Development of Brain Banks in the UK c.1970–c.2010'

Professor Margaret Esiri DM (b. 1941) is Emeritus Professor of Neuropathology at Oxford University and continues to work part-time on research related to neurodegeneration and dementia, a subject that has interested her for over 30 years. Earlier in her career she was an MRC Senior Clinical Fellow and then Reader, later Professor, of Neuropathology at Oxford University and Honorary Consultant Neuropathologist at what are now the Oxford University Hospitals. She is an Emeritus Fellow of St Hugh’s College, Oxford. Most of her work has been based on studies of autopsied human brain tissue generously donated with full consent for research.