Image of the Month: Professor Tony Coxon

Our Image of the Month shows Professor Tony Coxon at the Witness Seminar 'History of the National Survey of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles'.

Professor Tony Coxon PhD (1938-2012) was trained in sociology at the University of Leeds and MIT. He taught at the Universities of Leeds, Edinburgh and Cardiff where he specialized in research methods and subsequently in sexualities and health studies, and was Co-Director of the Institute for Behavioural Research on AIDS, University of Wales College of Medicine, Cardiff and professor in the Bro Tâf Health Authority. He was a member of the health education subcommittee of the DHSS expert advisory group on health education and AIDS and a member of the Welsh Office Health Education advisory committee, subcommittee on AIDS. He was co-founder with Dr Tom McManus and Dr Peter Davies of the panel study funded by the MRC and DHSS, Project SIGMA (Sociosexual Investigations of Gay Men and Aids) and was principal investigator in south Wales and Essex sites (1982–2002); consultant and adviser of WHO Special (later, Global) Programme on AIDS (1987–92) and coordinator of the seven nation International Studies of Gay and Bisexual Behaviour and Aids and a member and Chair of the ESRC Steering Group on AIDS. He was also consultant to Barnet, Brent and Harrow, Bro Tâf, South-East London and North Essex Health Authorities’ HIV/AIDS research advisory and Education Units on PSE (Public Sex Environment) and Outreach Project (1996–2002). He was director of the British Household Panel, University of Essex, from 1989 and subsequently Professor of Sociology and Health Studies (1997–2002).