Quote of the month: Ms Brenda Nally

… I think we’ve found that the general public, when it becomes aware of post mortem brain research into autism, is very positive about that area of research and also about what they could contribute in terms of control tissue. I think the issues are much more with the autism community in the UK and overcoming some of the misconceptions and fears that are still very strong there. Ms Brenda Nally: The Development of Brain Banks in the UK c.1970–c.2010, pp. 33
Ms Brenda Nally BA DSA (b. 1941) worked in a range of public sector services and Higher Education professional training courses over a 30-year period, which led to a strong focus on the promotion of better services for disabled people, particularly through partnership with them and their families. Between 1993 and 2006, this focus turned to autism, working in the north of England and Northern Ireland for the National Autistic Society in project management and regional coordination. Since 2007, she has focused on the development of the UK Brain Bank for Autism & Related Developmental Research at Oxford, working as outreach coordinator of this programme. Her initial postgraduate qualification was in social work.