Quote of the Month: Professor Josephine Arendt

So amongst the other circadian rhythm disturbances one can think about, let me just briefly mention delayed sleep phase syndrome. This is when people have a terrible problem trying to get to sleep at night at a reasonable time and then of course they can’t get up the following day. And David Parkes at King’s and we, together, treated people with this delayed sleep phase syndrome with melatonin to advance them. It worked a treat. And it has proved, in the end, to be the one that clinicians have taken up the most, delayed sleep phase syndrome treatment, with melatonin. Arendt Josephine - transcript of a video interview.pdf

Professor Josephine Arendt (b 1941) is Emeritus Professor of Endocrinology in the University of Surrey. Trained as a biochemist she is a specialist on biological rhythms and has pioneered the field of chronobiology. She has researched biological rhythms and their mechanisms widely in animals and humans, including studies on jet-lag, sleep disorders in the blind, shift work, and devised techniques to measure melatonin and its metabolites.

The transcript of a longer audio interview is available here

Professor Arendt also contributed to the Witness Seminar on The Recent History of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) .